The Evolution of Serial Film Making

I will be talking about the evolution of serial films in this blog post and over the next few blog posts. I will touch on the evolutionary impact of serial films as technology furthered along through out the years. I feel that these posts are going to be a necessary resource for students and others that have obscure niche fascinations into the primitive years of the film industry.

I am going to break down my series of posts into sections over the next posts that are coming.

  • The Silent Era
  • The Sound Era
  • Post 1950’s Serials
  • and finally, The Machinima Era

I find very important to touch on this, because as you will see over the next few posts, the history of serial films and their famous and addictive cliffhanger’s at the end of each serial episode play into the what has influenced modern film making into the new age.

Today’s modern film making has kept the ┬áserial film making spirit alive in part by including some key elements that make an exciting film and leave viewers wanting more at the edge of their seats. You can find out more from us and keep in touch with our posts about serial films and modern films in general. We will also be doing new posts on movie reviews and stuff. Keep in touch our email.

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